Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 4.9.18

The Week at a Glance


There is not much to update this week, so I will add a lot from last week. I am very proud of our students who participated in the Unified Sports program this week. I shed a couple of tears of joy and great pride. It reminds me what education is all about -- the kids! Here are some things to remember:

1. From April 9th to the 13th, we will be promoting safety week with a focus on key safety drills. We will alert the students and community about the nature of the drills.

Wednesday April 11th

1st -- Lockdown (15 Mins)

2nd -- Secured Campus (5 mins)

3rd -- Earthquake (5 mins)

Thursday April 12th

4th -- Fire Drill (15 mins)

Nutrition Break -- Lockdown (5 mins)

5th -- Clear Room (Buddy A is clearing and B is supporting) (5 mins)

6th -- Clear Room (Buddy B is clearing the room and A is supporting) (5 mins)

2. From April 16th to May 11th, we will be involved in SBAC testing. Please be on the lookout for emails from Nathan regarding testing procedures and set-up. On April 11th in TSP, students should do a practice test to get acquainted with the online format as well as tools.

3. FAC is this Tuesday. Please let your representatives know of any issues that you would like to bring up.

4. Thanks for coming out to the last social luncheon. The next one is scheduled for April 20th and we will have Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Lefty's! Only $5 a slice. They are huge slices! Order form is right here ... Pizza

5. HELP! The Eastlake Education Foundation is sponsoring the Cycle Eastlake event coming up in May. The Eastlake Foundation is a great source of support for our school community. We hope you consider joining the ride, sponsoring the event or volunteering. See the flyers below.

6. We are in the process of ordering polos for our big welcome back opening day celebration for the 2018-19 school year. Please tell us shirt size and preference here -->

Shirt Order.

Let's do this Eastlake Middle School. It's officially a sprint to end. Finish strong.

Our Students!

Math Field Day

Our students did a great job competing against all types of math wizards. I was impressed with their knowledge and sportsmanship. SOM were gracious hosts! Thanks Mr. Ulle for coaching them up. Did you know that 8 out of every 5 students do not know fractions that well? But our kids do! Congratulations to the following:

Nike Woehl - 2nd place Mad Hatter 7

Gillian Celis - 2nd place 24 Challenge 8

Spencer Doyle - 3rd place Math Wits

Faith Kim - 3rd place Math Bowl

Team award - 2nd place Tea Party Relay

Ethan Masiclat

Tre Summerfield

Joshua Scott

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Unified Sports

Our students mixed it up in a nice game of soccer. I was so moved by our students and they worked together for a common goal. Our team takes on BVM this week. Please root them on!

Cyber Security Team

Way to go team! Our team finished in second place and brought home a nice prize. Thanks Steve Doyle for helping out!
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Padres and the Weather!

A number of our students had a great opportunity to learn about the weather along with the padres. I am no meteorologist, but I think the forecast for Padres Baseball looks like cloudy with a chance of no pitching and no hitting. It's still early though!
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In the classroom!

RISE Up Feedback

Work in Progress

We heard you. We are going to do our best to modify and change the program as we reflect. We shall resend material out the week we get back from the break.
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Cycle Eastlake

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Your Legacy

Step Into Your Purpose

This weekend I had a chance to see Michael Jr. If you remember, I presented this piece at the beginning of the year. I wanted to share it with you again as we start thinking about our new mission and goals for next year. Shine on!