Mobile Learning and Teachers

Edu 210

Algebra Touch App

The Algebra Touch App is an app created to help review and practice algebra. You can touch and drag numbers to the other side of the equation, tap an equation of fraction to simplify, and draw lines to take out identical terms. You can switch between different lessons and concepts, work on randomly generated practice questions, or even create your own questions. This app could be used at several different grade levels to help students review and practice their algebra. This could be used as a good and fun way to review when students come back after summer break. App has created an app which contains a complete dictionary and thesaurus with over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. The app does not need internet connection for most operations. Includes words of the day, audio pronunciations, example sentences, word origin and history, and medical and science dictionary collections as well. For ESL students it includes a translator with over 30 languages as well. This app could be used in many ways by a variety of students in many grades. ESL students could use the translator for learning English better, as well as use it to learn the definitions of words that they don't know the meaning of. This would greatly aid ESL students, as well as English students as they read in class, or write in class, as they instantly have access to a mobile dictionary and thesaurus.

The Elements App

The Elements app gives a way to explore the periodic table of elements in a completely new way. Students can select an element, bringing up a page with loads of information, examples, visuals, and resources on that element. The images can be rotated, spun, and examined from every angle. Each element page also has a link to the continuously updated Wolfram/Alpha detailed scientific report on that element, with information such as the element's current market price. This app can bring a new light to chemistry classes. Student's can easily learn about and examine different elements in an interesting and exciting way. Student's could use this app to study and memorize where different elements are in the periodic table, and can learn to recognize their properties, as well as patterns in table.

Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe

This incredible 3D app can take students on a virtual tour of the universe which is guided and described by Professor Brian Cox. From miniscule particles to massice planets, this app takes you along on an incredible journey through over 200 interactive articles attached to different parts of the universe. This also includes access to video clips from the BBC TV series of the same name, as well as infographics and images provided by NASA. This app could be used by science students, especially physics students to understand many aspects of the universe that are talked about in their courses. Physics students could use it to better understand and memorize concepts and the reasons behind the equations that they use, such as gravity and the wave-particle duality of light. Students can explore these concepts through 3D models and explanations by an acclaimed professor, greatly aiding them in their understanding of concepts covered in class.

Google Earth App

The Google Earth app is an incredible app that allows you to explore our world in amazing detail. This app allows you to search for places, and also explore them from a street view. You can explore complete 3D recreations of several cities, as well as view a gallery of images provided by google. This app could be integrated into a classroom to make geography much more interesting. Students can visit the cities that they are studying, or the historical sites that they are learning about in social studies class from a street view, as well as explore 3D models of the city. Students can use this app to memorize the location of different countries and cities, as well as exploring the places that they are learning about. This would bring a great interest and uniqueness to what students are learning about in their classes such as social studies.

Khan Academy App

The Khan Academy app is a unique app that allows the user to access a library of over 4200 videos on many topics, including K-12 math, sciences and humanities. This app could be used by students to look up information that they are learning about in class, and view it in an interesting way. Students in the sciences, bio, chem or physics, could look up information on formulas, concepts, and historical people that they are learning about in class. Math students could use this app to see a visual way of understanding concepts or formulas. Humanities students could use this to look up information on the authors or historical people and places that they are learning about, or learn about the context of historical events that they are learning about in social studies.