Making Of Me!

By: Alisha Mawji

This is a story of a girl who shares her life of interesting events and all the different kinds of people that make her journey wonderful. Something that I'm proud of about myself is that I'm courageous . Even though I become very nervous while speaking in large crowds, I still believe in myself and I do it. In the future, my dreams are to become a doctor and a hockey player. I have been gathering a lot of information about my identity and what makes me who I am today. I hope you enjoy learning about me.

One of the things that really sets me apart from others are my characteristics. I was born with brown skin, brown eyes and black hair. I like my hair short and straight because when I have long hair it's harder to maintain, especially while wearing a hijab. I wear glasses to help me see in the distance. I weigh up to 34.2 Kg and I'm 56 inches tall. My weight is normal however, I'm short. I have good physical stamina because I play hockey which requires a quantity of strength.

Throughout my life, I have moved and schooled in several different countries. I was born in India and raised in Africa for 8 years of my life. Then, my family and I moved to Pakistan since my paternal family lived there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to live there for more then 2 years because of the bad conditions and it was difficult to adjust there. Although, a practicing Muslim by birth, living in Pakistan wasn't easy because it lacked the diversity that my family and I grew up with. Therefore, we decided to move to my dad's home country, Canada. The transition came easy as my dad, my sister and myself are all Canadian. My home languages are English and Urdu. Currently, I have been working on learning two more languages, French in school and Arabic at home.
As an eleven year old girl, I'm involved in a lot of roles such as being a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece and a cousin. I'm also a friend, a best friend and a student. I'm very passionate about being a hockey player, a YouTuber, a reciter and a librarian. Earlier when I was younger, my role was to be a naughty child. I believe that as one grows older, roles and responsibilities keep changing. Let's wait and watch what new role awaits me next as a teenager.
Being unique is what makes one special. Like you know, I'm different- just like eveyone else. There are a few things that make me unique. One of them is my hijab, it represents the religion of Islam and it makes me stand out. I love reading books and it is one of my hobbies. My favorite type of books are fiction stories. Something that you find very rare in children is that they like learning. I am one of those who loves to learn, research, find things out and experiment with different things. I became mature rather quickly than others that I know of, and I'm very responsible. Focusing on your uniqueness and on being you is important. You may not bring to the world what anyone else can, but that's exactly the point. You're bringing something different to what anyone else can offer. The world needs people who can make a difference in their own way.

Families are like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. My family consists of people from all different ages, from the age of seven to the age of sixty. In my immediate family, there is my hilarious dad, who always makes me laugh even when I'm very sad and my mom whose an amazing advisor to me. My sister made a big difference in my life, she taught me how to become a kid again. She is always so energetic wanting me to play with her day and night. In my extended family, there is my paternal grandfather and grandmother who are so generous and kind. I have a paternal aunt and uncle, my aunt since the beginning has been my closest, she gives my sister and I so much of her time and love, she also takes us on such fun adventures. As for my uncle, he is very protective and caring. My maternal grandfather has inspired me to be religious, in many ways I'm like my grandfather. I have 3 maternal uncle's by the names of Mahdi Hassan, Mohammed Reza and Fazle Abbas. Uncle Hassan, has inspired me in art and creativity while Uncle Reza, taught me a lot when I'm unsure. He is currently learning and studying Islam, his future goal is to become a religious speaker. Uncle Abbas is not married yet but very soon he will, he is a lot like my dad and he has a good sense of humor. Last but not least, I have my very weird, hyper, crazy and talented best friend who always cheers me up.

I was born in May 2004, when I was ten days old we moved to Africa. A year later, we took our first vacation as a family to Bilene, Africa. I don't remember too much since I was too small but from the pictures it seemed a lot of fun. In 2008, we welcomed a new member in our family - my little sister Nidah. During the year of 2011, my parents, my sister, my paternal family and I went on a vacation to Sri Lanka. It was a very fun and adventurous trip we had taken with the whole family. I was 8 years old when we moved to Karachi, Pakistan. Soon after, I started wearing hijab in 2013. In 2012, we decided to move to Canada which eventually happened in 2013 because my mom had to go through immigration. During her period of immigration, I lived in India for 6 months and thereafter, we landed at Pearson International Airport. I found a sport that I am passionate about which is hockey, I joined the team in 2014. In the same year, I had joined a new school by the name of As-Sadiq Islamic School. When I was in grade five, I had met this wonderful girl by the name of Fatemeh and before long we were best friends. Towards the end of the year, I was awarded with a certificate and a medal for being the best in Arabic language and reciting the Quran in the whole grade. From the birthdays I remember, turning 11 was the best one. I had never went camping before and I really wanted to. Fortunately, for my birthday we had celebrated it under a tent in the darkness of the sky and the shimmers of the stars. In sixth grade, I moved from a private school to a public school. This was a huge change for me, I was so worried about fitting in and finding new friends but, I'm glad that everything is going great for me. About a few months later, we received sudden but exciting news that we were expecting another sibling in July.
The secret of life is that people change people with kindness and charity. About a year ago, I would come home from school with homework that was due next week and I would finish the assignment the same day it was given. It was the same story every day, I use to complain that I would never have time to spend with my family and myself because of homework. One day, there was parent teacher interview and my teacher told me that I was intense in homework. She was very understanding because when she was younger she'd had the same struggles as I had and she connected with me to help me chill out. Now, when I get homework from school, I remember only to the homework that's due the next day and a little bit for the next day. Through this experience, I learned that with some help, connection, or simply saying some words, another person can change you for life.

The Rule of expectations uses expectations to influence reality and create results. Individuals tend to make decisions based on how others expect them to perform. As a result, people fulfill those expectations whether positive or negative. Expectations have a powerful impact on those we trust and respect, but, interestingly, an even greater impact on perfect strangers. When we know someone expects something from us, we will try to satisfy him or her in order to gain respect and likability. My mom expects me to be successful at things like school grades and sports. I try my best to make her happy because when she is happy it makes me happy too, but sometimes I'm not able to achieve that success. I wished my mom was a bit more understanding about situations like this and not get dissatisfied with me. My dad expects me to choose a good carrier that makes me happy and it doesn't harm people. I'm glad that I have chosen a carrier that I like and my father does too, which is a doctor. Nidah, my little sister, expects me to stop bugging her. For me and most probably other older siblings, troubling the younger one is fun and irresistible. Above everybody else's expectations, I have some expectations for myself which is firstly, to be perfect at everything, even making mistakes. I figured that no matter how much you try to be the best, you will always end up making a mistake every once in awhile. The second expectation that I have is to be organized, I am very skilled at being organized.

In my lifetime so far, there are many people who have guided and inspired me. Some of them have had a big impact on me while others have a slightly minor impact on me. From the time I was born, my parents have taught me a lot. They have taught me etiquettes, kindness, generosity, patience, to seek God and religion, discipline and many more traits. Individually, my mom has supported me a ton in wearing hijab and my dad supported me a lot in playing hockey. Mrs.Dillon, my grade six teacher, taught me how to use technology. In the modern world of 2016, technology is very important and it is used a load of times in everyday life. I have several religious leaders that have taught me very significant character traits like selflessness, modesty, justice etc. Fatemeh, my best friend, has taught me not to give up too easily. In times of hardships she would encourage me to not leave the problem for someone else yet solve it in a peaceful way. There are lots of people that have influenced me in a positive way. No impact is minor or insignificant because they help you be the person you are today and even a better person tomorrow.
To sum up, my life has been an adventure in the making. The same people might not be a part of my experience but then that's life. Some people are only there for a certain period of time while others walk with you throughout the journey. I look forward to the upcoming events in my life.