Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Verne


In 1863 two Germans, Axel and Otto Lidenbrock, venture to Iceland to follow the steps of Icelanic alchemist Arne Saknussemm and go on a Journey to the Center of the Earth. Otto decides to go on this adventure when he buys a book and a cryptogram falls out. Otto locks his nephew and maid in the house until he deciphers the code. Axel figures it out and then when he tells his uncle his uncle tells him to pack their bags because they're going to Iceland.


Axel - The narrator, is completely the opposite of his Uncle Otto,

Professor Otto Lidenbrock - The uncle of Axel, is an impatient man who wants to explore

Hans Bjelke - Axel and Otto's guide to Snæfellsjökull, a volcano in Iceland.


I really liked this book although it is nothing like movie with Brendan Fraser, I would recommend it to those ho like adventure stories.

Favorite Passage

“I stood on the very summit of the southernmost of Snæfell's peaks. The range of the eye extended over the whole island. By an optical law which obtains at all great heights, the shores seemed raised and the centre depressed. It seemed as if one of Helbesmer's raised maps lay at my feet. I could see deep valleys intersecting each other in every direction, precipices like low walls, lakes reduced to ponds, rivers abbreviated into streams. On my right were numberless glaciers and innumerable peaks, some plumed with feathery clouds of smoke. The undulating surface of these endless mountains, crested with sheets of snow, reminded one of a stormy sea. If I looked westward, there the ocean lay spread out in all its magnificence, like a mere continuation of those flock-like summits. The eye could hardly tell where the snowy ridges ended and the foaming waves began.

I was thus steeped in the marvellous ecstasy which all high summits develop in the mind; and now without giddiness, for I was beginning to be accustomed to these sublime aspects of nature. My dazzled eyes were bathed in the bright flood of the solar rays. I was forgetting where and “who I was, to live the life of elves and sylphs, the fanciful creation of Scandinavian superstitions. I felt intoxicated with the sublime pleasure of lofty elevations without thinking of the profound abysses into which I was shortly to be plunged. But I was brought back to the realities of things by the arrival of Hans and the Professor, who joined me on the summit.”

I chose this because even though Axel never wanted to go he went and saw the beautiful scenery just before they were about to take the plunge into the volcano and really begin the journey to the center of the earth.

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