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Shanghai SMIC Private School - September 2019

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welcome to a new school year!


Each year, the libraries of Shanghai SMIC Private School run several different programs. Some are school wide events, while others target specific grades. Among other activities, this month focused on school wide orientations to the library, National History Day in the SMIC-I Middle School, and Reading Spirit Week in the Elementary School.



Celebrating 70 Years 庆祝建国七十周年

Each library worked to create a display of resources that highlighted the rich culture and heritage of China as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. 为庆祝建国七十周年,中小学图书馆做了新中国,中国文化以及中国名人主题展示。将图书馆中相关图书集中陈列,便于师生借阅浏览。

Reading Spirit Week & Read-a-thon


Each year, the SMIC Elementary Library has chosen a week in late September to highlight the joys of reading with a reading spirit week. The entire school celebrates by showing their spirit for reading by dressing in daily themed costumes such as book characters or bright and shiny hats and glasses. The week is also a kickoff for the semester long read-a-thon. Students can earn medals by reading towards a grade-level appropriate goal. 延续传统小学的阅读比赛今年依旧如期展开。九月底热热闹闹的阅读周活动,作为阅读比赛的先导,以每天不同的主题激励大家振奋精神投入阅读活动,为赢得奖牌努力。

Blackout Poetry 瞎灯黑火来读诗

In September, Ms. Tice (librarian) visited 2nd graders and worked collaboratively with classroom teachers on Reading Spirit Week's Black Out Day. The students used a creative writing technique called "Blackout Poetry" to create original poetry anchored in their previous learning with character traits. 九月中,新到任的图书馆长泰斯女士和二年级的老师们合作了阅读周星期四的读诗活动。这项活动让学生利用诗中的缺漏字,来创造新诗,并结合品格教育的课题,寓教于乐。

Classroom Visits and a Few Statistics 摘要

Classrooms in the elementary enjoy weekly visits to the library, while the middle and high school students and teachers utilize the library space and resources for more in-depth and project-based research. In addition, elementary students enjoy visiting the library during their daily recess times. 小学生都喜欢每周全班由老师带领到图书馆上阅读课,并且利用课间休息到图书馆。中学生则希望阅读之余,能更进一步的将图书馆的空间及资源用于做研究。

The elementary library in September 九月份小学图书馆活动摘要 :

  • on average, 16 classes visit the library daily 平均每日16堂阅读课
  • on average, 550 students might visit the library daily during the recess and lunch breaks 每日除阅读课外,约550人/次拜访图书馆
  • all K1 and K2 students were visited by a librarian in September 图书馆员九月份拜访了K1, K2各班并为学生说故事
  • all K1 and K2 students will be offered monthly library services beginning October 14 每月一次的K1, K2学生拜访图书馆活动,十月订在14日举行
  • 9 collaboration/informative meetings were held between library staff and classroom teachers/administration 本月份图书馆员与小学老师们进行了9次会议

The MHS Library in September 九月份中学图书馆活动摘要 :

  • 36 different classes visited the library 36个班级拜访图书馆(参与图书馆简介及活动)
  • 5 Chinese Track classes came for library orientations 中文部有5个班级参与图书馆简介
  • 12 MHS classes received library services inside their classrooms 图书馆员参与中学课堂教学12次
  • 90 students (approximately) visit the library daily independent of their classes 除阅读课外,平均每日约90人/次拜访图书馆
  • MHS students from both tracks were invited to become members of the Library Teen Advisory Board - 14 students have applied (details on the poster below) 邀请中英文部学生共组图书馆委员会,目前共有14位中英文部初高中学生提出申请 (详情请看下图海报)
  • 15 collaboration/informative meetings were held between library staff, classroom teachers/administration, and students 图书馆员与中学老师进行了15次会议
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