Cyclops Island

Only $30.00

A vacation worth taking.

Every person likes to be free and at Cyclops Island, you can too.You'll be apart of a worldwide organization that prides ourselves on having a great time.

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You may even get to see a favorite celebrity.

Lady Gaga was one of the recents that was splashing in the sunlight . Other than the celebs, the hours of teen spirit has no end. Whatever you want to eat, you got it. Plus the hours of partying is limitless. There is an amount of treasures located around every corner.So, make it a scavenger hunt ! Just be sure to get past the treasure guards.

inexspenxive evreyone can aford it.

Unlike most vacation places' we understand what its like to not break your bank account to pay for fun! So come on down to Cyclops island where fun is only a phone call away!


Lotus Island has nothing on the creativity ,and fun that Cyclops Island offers. You'll blown away by the views and the chance to experience and the chance to share It with others! Don't let this chance past by! Unlike lotus island you have fun ,but you'll have not fake fun with the help of an plant!