Bristol Township School District

October 2022

Message from the Interim Superintendent

I hope everyone is adjusting to the routine of the new school year. It's been wonderful to be together again with students, faculty and staff. In our first edition of the district smore this year, I'm happy to highlight and share the following accomplishments with you all. Let's continue to achieve greatness this year.

- Chris Polzer, Interim Superintendent of Schools

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Welcome Back photos!

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Tigers in the News

Former Tiger Techs featured in Verizon Innovative Learning stories

Giovanni: The Content Creator | Verizon Innovative Learning Stories
Minu: The Future Tech Leader | Verizon Innovative Learning Stories

Seeking Creative Truman Students

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Code of Conduct 2022

The Bristol Township Code of Conduct will help the District build a positive environment for both students and staff. Family support of the Code of Conduct will help achieve this goal as well.

The Code of Conduct is the result of a collaborative, year-long effort among the District. A committee of professionals from elementary, middle, and high school put in many hours of discussion and deliberation, and also received input from students, community leaders, and School Board members. It was amended and adopted by the Board of School Directors on June 29, 2022.

New to the Code of Conduct this year are the three Tiers of Support, which includes prevention strategies, early intervention/group strategies, and intervention.

The Misconduct Response Structure is another vital area. It gives examples of misbehaviors and what the consequences are for students. The District is shifting from a punitive style of discipline to a more proactive approach to maximize student opportunity and learning potential.

Read the Code of Conduct here.

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Meet Our Co-Host Daviny Delia

To kick off the 2022-2023 season of Tiger Talk, Giovanni Nigro is back and introduces his new co-host Daviny Delia, sophomore at Truman High School. Giovanni asks Daviny about her interests, why she wanted to host Tiger Talk, her future aspirations and more!

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