MARCH 1, 2013


  • 3/5 Fourth Grade STAR Writing Assessment
  • 3/6 Superintendent/Board Member Walk-through 9:00-11:00
  • 3/7 Staff Meeting (<: 7:15
  • 3/7 Reschedule Administrative Walk-through 9:00-11:30
  • Please let me know as soon as your Report Cards are ready for me to read. I am out of town the weekend right before conferences, so I would like to get them read over this weekend and throughout next week. (<: Thanks
  • Remember to let me know if you need/want me to attend any of your conferences.


  • Thank you to Neal for stepping in to do the Friday Assembly for me!
  • Thanks to Laz who has offered to help with Ocean Week for one more year...any takers for next year??
  • Kudos to Marilyn and Shaina for being the top "steppers" at SSF!
  • Thank you to the Upper Grade team for being so welcoming to a group of teachers wanting to see our Mobile Technology project-such amazing things happening at SSF-I'm always proud when I share you with others!
  • Good Luck to Cara, Monica, Vero and the 4th graders as they take their STAR Writing Assessment next Tuesday!
  • Congratulations to Mr. Kyle-another successful round of Family Science Nights and the early morning Science Club!
  • Hooray to Caroline Brown for coordinating school site visits with the Sheriff's department to review our safety plans and to walk our schools-such great suggestions and support from the Sheriff's dept.!


LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Talk about FLIPPING the classroom...Wait 'till you read about the idea of FLIPPING the way we do Staff Development! Be know how I get when I see something that interests/excites me! Any guinea pigs out there who are willing to try this with me and Angie? (As always, Thank You Angie for providing me with such thought provoking articles!)
Click Here for the Article: Drill the Teachers, Educate the Kids