The Bogan Tempest.

By: Amie Warren.

One misty afternoon in Claymore, there was a black van which was just causally roaming around, inside the van were 5 people, a man named Lorenzo, Lorenzo's best mate Stevie, a boy named Fredy and their other mates Bob and Tray.

AS they were driving, Fredy, the driver, suddenly stopped the van to a halt. Everyone was confused as to why he had stopped driving but then they seen a random toddler standing in the middle of the road. Fredy told the others that he was going to go outside an tell the toddler to move off the road. Once Fredy had approached the child and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and Fredy gasped, to find out that the so called 'toddler' actually turned out to be a midget.

The midget offered Fredy some drugs but Fredy denied the offer. As Fredy was about to tell the midget to move off the road, the midget quickly butted in and said in a creepy tone "oi mate, i reckon you should get out of here because something bad is about to happen..." as the midget was talking, a loud screeching sound came from behind Fredy and the whipped his head around to see a bus speeding towards them, suddenly as the bus was about to hit Fredy and the midget, it swerved aorunf them and slammed right into the van and off the bridge right into Claymore Springs.

Frey ran to the edge of the bridge to see if everyone was alright but they were scattered all over the place. Fredy turned around to only find that the midget was mo where to be seen.

While Fredy sat there thinking of what to do he suddenly saaw all these twinkling lights fluttering arounf him then a faint whisper said "Fredy, follow the sound of my voice" Fredy was so mesmerized by the lights that he got up and did as the voice said.

By now it was late in the evening and it was getting dark. The voice lead Fredy into the woods, as he kept on walking he could see something twinkling in the distance, when he got closer he could make out that it was a girl who looked like she was lost, so he went to approach her "excuse me Miss, are you alright?" he asked kindly. She turned around and the moment they locked eyed they immediately fell in love.

They just stood there staring into each others eyes wondering if this was some sort of dream. Fredy thought she was the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes upon "my name is Miranda, what's yours?" she asked "I- I'm F- Fredy" he stuttered "I'm sorry, your just so beautiful" he exhaled at the word 'beautiful', Miranda giggled and said "oh thank you, and your not to bad yourself" they both laughed. They strolled out of the wood and back to the crash site hand in hand.

Back at the Claymore Springs, Stevie and Lorenzo had found each other and walked around to find the others. After searching for hours without any luck, they started to fell very hungry but unfortunately the bag of food was either, still in the van or scattered somewhere in the Claymore Springs. The van was too far now so they were going to have to search for food themselves. Whilst wondering around, they were hit with a delicious smell coming from the right. They followed the scent to eventually come across a long table, probably enought to fit 15 or more people, loaded and stacked with the most delicious foods, they both thought they were either dreaming or in heaven.

Suddenly a ghost came flying out a of a tree and in front of Stevie and Lorenzo. The both jumped back and landed on their bottoms "THY THAT TRESPASS ON THIS LAND AND ATTEMPT TO STEAL SHALL SUF- su- su.. AHH CHOO!" Lorenzo and Stevie exchanged confused looks and stood up "uh..erm... oh that's right, SUFFER THE WORSE PUNISHMENT!" said the 'ghost' Stevie nudged Lorenzo and point up "hey look, there are strings" he whispered. They both looked up to see where the strings were coming from, they both saw a really ugly and skinny guy that looked like a major drug addict. He was holding the strings and controlling the 'ghost', but he sneezed yet again and fell out of the tree and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

"What on earth were you doing?" asked a confused Stevie, "oh, um.. I owe someone some cash and- " but he was interrupted by Lorenzo "by any chance, does this someone have a name?" he asked "oh yes, his name is..umm.. Peter" replied the man, Stevie gasped when the midget stepped out from behind a bush, it turned out that the midget was Peter and Peter was Stevies brother.

Lorenzo, Peter and Stevie talked about forgetting the past and leaving it behind them and starting fresh, which they did. They had returned to the crash site and Lorenzo mentioned that Tray and Bob were still no where to be found.

Bob and Tray were looking around when they found a bag on the floor, Tray picked it up "oi bro! its Marijuana!" Tray said happily, Bob stuck his hand into his pocket searching for something when he pulled out a lighter, they both looked at the lighter, then the bag, then at eachtother with wide grins and nodded.

About 30 mins pasted and they were both up against a tree totally in space, in the distance Tray and Bob seen a giant angry and aggressive looking monkey running towards them, but it was obviously just the drugs that was making them see it. They both shot up and sprinted for their lives until they hit into a van "ahh there you's are, where have you's been?" asked Lorenzo, Tray and Bob were out of breath and panting, so they just pointed in the direction they came from "okay, lets walk home" Peter said, they all nodded and walked away from the scene and into the night.

As they were walking, Stevie suggested "Hey, lets stop at maccas" and everyone agreed.


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