Mountaineer Team

Second Nine Weeks

Classes Busy At Work!

Science (Mrs. Peschel)

The first nine weeks have flown by! The students learned about lab safety, scientific method, and evolution. Currently the students are writing a research paper about the disease of their choice. This nine weeks the students will learn about biotechnology in agriculture, crime labs, and medicine.

Social Studies (Mr. Haney)

The students learned content related to North Carolina and U.S. History and practiced skills. Students learned about the Five Themes and Geography, Native Americans, European Exploration of North America, Colonial Settlement of North America, Early Government structures and debate. Regarding skills, students practiced note taking, management of information, public speaking and an engaged method for studying.

Math (Mrs. Holman)

The students have learned about slope, linear equations, and functions. They have learned how to write linear equations in slope-intercept form and how to graph them. These are concepts that your child will be using in their freshman Algebra 1 class next year. I am continuing to write their average in their planner weekly. Also, your child has the username and password that may be used to check their grades online. Don't wait until the end of the grading period to see how your child is doing.

Lanuage Arts (Mrs. Bolick)

Classes spent the first nine weeks reading both fiction and nonfiction literature. Students completed a novel project, as well as, vocabulary, grammar, and writing activities. We will spend much of the second nine weeks working on a research paper.

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