Marvelousmont Community

Luke R, Caroline H, Caroline L, and Joshua T


Our Community

We have a desirable and safe community for everyone who will be living there. Our goal is to unite people and have a community that everyone will enjoy. We will have sports organizations, shops, a park, a stadium, schools, a town square, law houses, a pool, and many things that people around will enjoy.

Why is Marvelousmont desirable?

Marvelousmont is desirable in many ways. The community itself has that feeling of when you go somewhere, you automatically feel safe, happy, and you are enjoying it all. We added all the things that someone might want in their dream community. For Example:

  • safety services
  • meeting places
  • trustworthy, kind people
  • friendly neighbors
  • closed in, protected
  • walkable, small environment
  • large school district
  • lots of activities
  • welcoming people

Geographic location

  • Mostly flat land with some hills
  • a river bordering the state, off of that, small rivers run through in different directions of our community
  • lots of grass, open land
  • flat land with small hills surrounding it, a small river flowing through the city (about the size of the Little Miami)

Things included in Marvelousmont

  • employment opportunities- small business owners, store employees, judges, mayor, policeman, firefighter, house workers, stadium workers, teachers, etc.

  • communication facilities - Post Office - Phone Services - Computer Services.

  • financial services - Banks -

  • safety services - nurse, Fire Department, Police Places

  • administrative/government services - court

  • shops and services - Starbucks - Kroger - McDonalds - Wendy's- Chipotle- Finish Line- Dry cleaning- tutoring place - mall- library

  • medical facilities - Drug Stores - Hospitals - orthodontist

  • athletic facilities - Basketball Courts - Soccer Fields - Running Tracks - Baseball Field

  • educational facilities- Elementary School - Pre School - Junior High Schools - High Schools

  • cultural facilities- museum, theatre

  • religious facilities - Church

  • recreation- Gym, Movie Theater, Park, Pool

  • transportation within the community and beyond the community - Cars, walking, bike paths/trails

  • utilities - Water - Sewer - Trash