Friends will help you Improve

By Michael Hammer, periods 1-2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

Max had learning disabilities and he was really tall and strong. He didn't have a brain until Kevin came along. Most people called Kevin, Freak. Freak was really smart. Freak had a growing disability that made him really small and have to walk on crutches. Max wasn't smart at all, but Freak helped him in school and Max started getting smarter. They did lots of stuff together. Freak helped Max in so many ways.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I feel that this theme is really true. It applies to everyone's lives. Friends do help you improve. Without friends many, many people would be very sad. They would always do things by themselves, alone. Max's life changed so much when had Freak as a friend. Their friendship made both of them improve. It made them Freak the Mighty.


Max was a very tall, big kid. He wasn't very smart and lived with his grandma and grandpa. Then Freak came along. Freak was smart and small. They became friends. They went on many adventures together. They both improved when they did stuff together. Freak taught Max many things. They were inseparable. Freak even saved Max's life. But then Freak passed away. That was a really sad thing for Max.