Lincoln Agenda

November 16-20 and 23-24, 2015

Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone for all you did for the Veterans Day Program. What a wonderful tribute! It gets better every year!

Thank you to Jackie! On top of the Veterans Day planning, she also prepared for the 1st and 2nd grade Concert!

Thank you to Kathy and the kitchen staff. They have a state visit and have been working hard to prepare for this.

Thank you to the 2nd and 5th grade teachers, Christina, Gretchen, and Marcie, for giving the InView test to our students last week.

What's Happening....

Library- B Week

Monday, Nov. 16

Melissa out at conference

Tuesday, Nov. 17


8:00 Tablet Training in Karen's room - K-2 Teachers and Any other interested Staff

Melissa meets with PTO Board 2:45

PTO Meeting 3:30

Wednesday, Nov. 18

8:00 Tablet Training in Karen's room - K-2 Teachers and Any other interested Staff

6:00 1st & 2nd Grade Concert

Thursday, Nov. 19

Paws Redemption - in cafeteria (like last year)

8:05 Case Conference-Melissa, Kelly, Ashleigh

Grade 5 Field Trip to the Nutcracker 10:30-1:15

12:00 Melissa Observation

1:00 Melissa meeting at Admin

Spellbowl Parade 3:00 (see below)

Spellbowl Competition 5:00 at Col. Wheeler MS, C.P.

Friday, Nov. 20

Paws Redemption - in cafeteria (like last year)

8:05 Grade Level Chairs Meeting w Melissa

9:00 Melissa Observation

Kim & Meryl meeting at Admin

Saturday, Nov. 21

Boys CYO Basketball Games at 10 & 11

(School will be open from about 9:30-12. You can watch the game or work in your room.)

Monday, Nov. 23

Melissa at IASP Conference

Tuesday, Nov. 24

Melissa at IASP Conference

Nov. 25-27

No School

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Mark your calendars!!!

Dec. 4 - PTO Holiday Party at Lincoln

Dec 11 - Lincoln/JB Holiday par-tay

Monthly Meeting Schedule:


Spell Bowl - We are in need of a proctor! Please contact Paulina if you are available.

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 5pm

401 West Joliet Street

Crown Point, IN

Our Spell Bowl Team will be competing at Wheeler Middle School in Crown Point. Mrs. Santiago and the 4th and 5th graders on the Spell Bowl Team have been working hard to prepare for the competition! Good luck to the following members of the 2015 Lincoln Spell Bowl Team:

Tristan Alkire, Logan Brown, Jessica Hunt, Kaylie Krooswyk, Chase Kuzma, Clark Noble, Amanda Noel, Sarah O'Farril, and Kylee S.

Visitors are welcome! The competition begins at 5:00, and once it begins, they typically close the doors.

Behavior Tracking & Interventions

Going right with what Kathy Hensley said last week, I am sharing this post that explains the PBIS World website. This is full of interventions that you can use for your students that are exhibiting challenging behaviors.