Puerto Rico



Puerto Rico lies in the tropics. The climate is warm all year. Average temperatures along the coast range between 79 and 84F (26 and 29C). The climate is cooler in the mountains.


The island lies in the belt of the northeast trade winds. These winds bring heavy rains to the mountains and northern coast. Especially in summer, sudden, brief showers are common. The southern coastal plain is dry. There, the high mountains block rain clouds.

Destructive Storms-Hurricanes

Like other islands in the Caribbean , Puerto Rico is subject to hurricanes during the late summer and early fall.These destructive storms can occasionally cause great damage to crops and buildings.In 1928 the San Felipe hurricane destroyed most of the island's coffee plantations and citrus groves.Another violent storm, Hurricane Georges , did serious damage in 1998.Hurricane Irene, in 2011 , was also very destructive, especially to agriculture.
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