Westward Expansion

Kelsi Cox

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Manifest Destiny

There are many things in this painting and they all represent something. The main meaning is American progress. The angel shows good things from God. the natives being pushed to the west in the darkness is showing that they are being forced to leave and they are dying. There are miners and settlers moving west that shows that trade is being brought to America. The painting represents a lot of progression.
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Trails West Map

There are four overland trails and each of them have their own purpose. Santa Fe was for trade. Oregon was for land. California was for gold and land. Lastly there was the Mormon trail for religion and land.

Texas Revolution

Settlers moved to Texas because they wanted better land to plant crops in. The Battle of Alamo was a thirteen day siege where everyone died. The battle of San Jacinto was a battle that lasted eighteen minutes and Sam Huston won and forced Santa Anna to sign a peace treaty.

Mexican American War

The cause of the Mexican American War is that General Zachary Taylor sent troops to settle the the dispute and offer to buy New Mexico and Mexican troops attacked. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo officially entitled the Treaty of Peace, friendship, limits and settlement between the US and Mexican Republic. Bear Flag Revolt is when a small group of American settlers in California rebelled against the Mexican government and proclaimed California an independent republic. The Gadsden Purchase was when America purchased a 29,640-square-mile region of land.

Letter of a 49'er

Dear Shakira,

I am in California trying to find gold. It is very hard to do even though we thought it would be easy. I found a little but finding more is very tough to do. I don't have much to eat here and it has taken a toll on my health. I also do a lot of work all day so I get very tired very easy. I have to go now as I think I hear cheering and that usually means gold was found.

Your loving Husband,