Doctor Manette

Character Analysis

Dr. Manette

Doctor Manette represents one of the main motifs in the novel: the aura of mystery that every human has. He begins the novel of an ex-prisoner, shell shocked by his experience and obsessively cobbles shoes. He grows and expands into a man of distinction. This is an excellent example of a dynamic character. The relationship with his daughter saved him from self-inflicted damnation. This is an example of one of the novel's themes: relationships with other people help create who we are as a person.

Deranged and Disturbed Doctor


Dr. Manette is described as having a white beard cut halfhazardly, a hollow face, and incredibly bright eyes. His eyes are almost unnaturally large and full of hurt. His clothes at the beginning were in tatters, but eventually shed for a gentleman's clothes. He emerged out of the prison a broken man, and will remain that way for the rest of his life from the horrors he went through while in jail.