Travis Pastrana

Biography by: Hayden L

Early Life

Travis Pastrana was born October 8, 1983. Travis always wanted to be a pro he watched super cross and motocross all the time. Travis was four when he got his first dirt bike. It was Christmas when he got it and it was a total surprise. He got a Honda Z-50, a 50cc dirt bike. The cc means the size of the engine and 50cc is the smallest dirt bike engine you can buy the cc can go up to 450cc. Travis's dad Robbert took Travis to the track every weekend and he tought Travis to ride safely.

Career In Progress

When Travis was Thirteen years old he always wanted to race 125 cc dirt bikes it was his dream to race. Travis's dad bought him a 125 cc dirt bike and then he went to race. Travis won the first 125 cc dirt bike race he was in he got third place. Travis got older and older and he won big competitions.

"The Dare Devil"

Travis Pastrana is a complete Dare Devil, on September 26, 2007 Travis jumped out of an air plane without a parachute and in the air there was another professional sky diver he got Travis in the air and strapped him to a harness and landed safely. He also was the first one to attempt the double backflip and landed it on the fifth try.

Finally Pro

Travis grew older and older as the time flew bye, Travis was starting to impress the audience and inspire kids. Travis won X Games and got a gold medal, he also won his very first freestyle competition he got first place with a single back flip bar spin. When you win competitions people get interested in you and sponsor you. when you get sponsored that means your pro.

Impact on Society

Travis Pastrana is a great impact on society because he started at the age of four and he inspires a lot of people to follow your dreams and never stop believing. Travis Patrana is a great athlete and you should follow your dreams

Why I chose this person

The reason I chose this person Travis Pastrana is because He is a great entertainer and a great inspiring person. The other reason I chose Travis Pastrana is because he is a Pro dirt bike racer/rider and that is my dream, to be a pro dirt bike rider.

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