Islamic 'Hospital' Achievements

Promoting health, curing disease, expanding medicine


During the 6th and 7th Century, the Islamic medical scholars invented many treatments for illnesses. This was especially true when Mohammed spread information that Allah had come up with a cure for common ailments. Due to the fact that treatments and cures were discovered, hospitals were established for the first time. They were specifically designed to cure diseases, promote health, and increase every doctor's knowledge. They were located in large Muslim towns by the 9th century. Meanwhile, hospitals like the Adudi Hospital in Badgedad were considered to be the most advanced hospitals. These hospitals all attracted outstanding Islamic scholars and even housed them in huge buildings with laboratories. It soon became possible for patients to recover from sugeries and sickness without death.


This achievement showed how determined the Islamic people were in coming up with treatments for common illnesses that saved many lives. This development or achievement demonstrates the intellect of the Islamic people. It shows how in their culture they valued every citizen's health. This was an important achievement because it saved past, current, and future generations from suffering. All cultures today rely on a hospital approach and a safe way to fight diseases, first invented by Islam. Imagine life without any treatments for sickness or hospitals to support people to recover.