Matthews Elementary Kindergarten

May 2017 Newsletter

May /June Dates To Remember

April 27th - May 22nd End of Year MClass Benchmark Testing

May 1st SLT (School Leadership Team) Meeting 6pm

May 1st PTO Meeting 7pm

May 4th Publix Math Night 5-7pm

May 10th National School Nurses Day

May 12th Muffins with Moms/Significant Adults 7-8am

May 16th Progress Reports

May 26th Kindergarten Field Trip to Hall Family Farm

May 29th Memorial Day Holiday

May 30th Career Day (More details to come)

May 31st Kindergarten Blue Gold 8:15-9:45

June 1st Brain Wars (gym) Kindergarten 8:00-8:55

June 5th Blue Gold Closing Ceremony 1:45-2:15

June 9th Last Day of School


Curriculum In The Classroom

In reading, we are focused on our unit, "Becoming Avid Readers". We are diligently working to become independent strategy users as we encounter tricky words. We are also fine-tuning our retelling skills to show our comprehension after reading a text. In writing, we are writing "How-To" informational texts by telling the steps of an activity to our reader. In math, we are solving story problems, understanding place value through teen numbers and describing/comparing 2D and 3D shapes. In social studies, we are learning about geography and maps. In science, we are learning about plants, butterflies, and force and motion of everyday objects in our environment.

Additional Sight Word Resources

The students are working hard in class to recognize sight words! Please check out this blog post on many apps that can be used to provide variety to sight word practice:

Application of Letter Sound Knowledge

We have learned all letters and sounds and the students are becoming very comfortable with this knowledge in isolation. We will now begin to apply this knowledge on a consistent basis as we decode consonant, vowel, consonant words (ex: c-a-t = cat) and beyond. Students will also apply this knowledge as they attempt to recognize words using the beginning sound and picture clue during Readers Workshop, Guided Reading and also in their attempts to spell words phonetically during Writers Workshop.

An excellent resource for continued at home practice can be found at this link:

Blue Communicaton Folders

Please check the folder nightly as important information is often inside the folder. Thank you for your support as we work to facilitate timely communications.

Reporting An Absence From School

When and if your child is absent from school, please report the absence using the following link:

Report An Absence

This link can also be found on the MES homepage on the left hand side by clicking the "Report An Absence" tab. This allows you to communicate directly with Toscha Carroll, our attendance coordinator. Thank You!

Please work at home with your child on tying their shoes. Thanks for your help!

School-wide Rules

Please remind your child of the importance of following school rules:

1. Follow directions quickly.

2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

4. Make smart choices.

5. Keep your dear teacher happy.

6. Keep your eyes on the target.


-Please send a written note or call the school if your child’s afternoon dismissal changes. It is not guaranteed that your child’s teacher will receive an email in time. Thank you.

-Please send a healthy snack for your child each day. Water may also be sent in a labeled container.

-Return blue folders each day and remember to place all money in a sealed envelope with your child's name, purpose of money and teacher name.

Spirit Rock

If you would like to decorate the spirit rock for your child's birthday this year, please visit the links below.

The sign up genius is found on the website on the home page. The link is: