Should Co-Ed teams exist?


Imagine this. A boy is and his team are the best team in his city for his age level. They have not lost a game in over a year. They make it to the championship game. The team they are supposed to play has 2 girls on the team. The boys team forfeits because they refuse to play a girl, and now all of their hard work means nothing. Many boys across the country don't feel comfortable playing with or against girls in sports. Girls should not be able to play with boys because they may feel uncomfortable and will have a natural disadvantage in the sport.

Body 1

Once boys reach puberty, in general, it is unfair for boys to compete against girls on equal terms(Women's sports foundation). Due to the male hormone androgen, boys have more muscle mass per unit volume of body mass than girls do. When playing a sport, I prefer to play on a same sex team. When playing with or against the opposite sex, I normally play the game differently. In a contact sport, a male wouldn't want to play physically when playing a female I'm fear of hurting them. Even if you have a girl and boy with the same height and weight, the boy will have more fat free mass. Boys are at a natural advantage because of their body structure. Boys will naturally have more muscle, which makes it harder for them to excel in the sport they play

Body 2

girls who play with boys are wasting playing time for both genders. If a girl plays on a boys team, she will get less playing time, and when she does play she is taking away Boys playing time. If the girl played on a girls team, she would have more playing time, which would let them play better. Girls would perform better with all girls. They would most likely feel more comfortable playing against girls, which would allow them to play without being stiff, so they can perform well. If a girl played on an all girls team it would help everybody feel more comfortable and more natural in game.

Counter claim

There are some girls who are able to excel when playing against boys. These girls are extremely talented in the sport and will compete with the best boys on their team. Although there are girls like this, there is a very small percent of them. A lot of girls who play with boys are not skilled enough to play, this can lead to injuries. Also, boys will outplay the girl, causing her to play less time in game, and when she gets to play she won't play as well as she would against a girl. If a girl were to play in an all girls league, she would have less injury risk, more playing time, and play better in the sport.


Girls should not be allowed to play on boys teams. Most girls have an all girls team anyway. They are putting risk on serious injuries when playing on a boys team. Both genders will also feel less comfortable when playing, which may lead to poor performance on the field. The girl will get less playing time on a boys team, and a boy on the team will also get less minutes because a girl took his spot. Girls should not be allowed to play on a boys sports team.