Book Title

Write a short tag line to draw in your audience.

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Write a paragraph (4-5 sentences) summary of the book. DO NOT COPY THIS! Use your brain and knowledge of the book to describe the major plot points and characters of the book without giving away the ending. This should show your knowledge of the book and prove to me that you read it!


Write a paragraph (4-5 sentences) rating of the book. Discuss how your would rate this book (between 1 and 5 stars) and why you would rate it that way. Be specific. Think of how this book might appeal to other students or readers. Is there anything you just LOVED or is there anything you would CHANGE?

Favorite Quote from the book

Type your favorite quote from the book. Make sure to use proper punctuation for a quotation.

Similar Books

Digital Extras for Extra Credit!!

Feel free to make your flyer even more magical and interactive by adding videos, audio, links, more images, etc. Whatever you add should be created by you and not simply copied from a website to demonstrate your love for and knowledge about your book.