A city of contrasts

For Irina

Dear Irina

In your last letter you asked me to advise you around the city to spend the holiday bright .
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Here it is-a city of contrasts , fun and colourful carnivals

In this postcard I made you a little plan

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the accommodation

In Rio de Janeiro you can stay in the room which costs from $10 to $150

Don't stay too long at the hotel.You will find many interesting things

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And of course traditional food.

Three traditional Brazilian dishes

And the most valuable part of Brazil's famous carnival.

"Parade Of Champions".

Saturday, Feb. 6th 2016 at 9pm

the sambadrome.

In the night of Carnival at the Sambadrome in front of You in all the splendor of their unique costumes will walk the representatives of the most famous in Brazil, Samba schools. The hottest night - 6-9 February, when is the "the parade" will be held "Parade of Champions", a relaunch of the top six schools.

Hope you like my little plan for the holidays.

Wait from you the answer.
With love,