Rescue Techniques

Just a Call

If lucky enough and you have cellphone service, call for rescue. If you aware, let them know relatively where you are stranded and have them send help.


Another way to callout you need rescue is to build a fire. Build three of them within a hundred feet of one another. This is a international distress signal.


During the daylight hours, cover the fires with damp or wet leaves and branches. This will cause the fire to smoke. If accessible put some rubber into the fire to make the smoke black which is makes the smoke more noticable


If available, take anything that is shiny and reflective such as a mirror or belt buckle. With this reflector try to get to the highest part of the island. From there take the reflector and have the sun shine onto it. This will allow the sunlight to reflect back, and you can aim towards a passing ship or plane to call out for help.

Clothing, Rocks, Branches

With any or all of these objects you should create patterns like triangles, Xs, or circles. If you have enough objects spell out S-O-S, which is the international distress signal. Make sure these patterns stand out from the color of the ground and are large enough so a passing aircraft can see them.

Message in a Bottle

This isn't one of the best techniques but could help. Take a empty bottle, write a message, and throw it out into the water. Try including the best information about your location as you can.

Build a Raft

If you really want to get off the island than build your own raft. Use driftwood, or any logs that you can find and tie together the wood with any possible rope or vines you can find.

In the Meanwhile

Getting rescued may take awhile so besides trying to get help, what you need to do is

  1. Stay calm
  2. Find water and food
  3. Make a shelter
  4. Have patience
  5. Have hope