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What do they make or offer

- BOH Tea is made through a series of process.

- The tender tea leaves are picked up early in the morning and are immediately sent to the factories for further processing. The tea leaves are only able to be plucked after two years from planting and once it is matured, the leaves are plucked every three weeks.

- The leaf is then withered to reduce moisture and to allow natural chemicals to take place. This process usually takes 12-20 hours and it's usually done overnight.

- The leaf is then rolled to crush the leaf cells into smaller particles.

- Fermentation is a natural chemical process and it is taken place as the rolled leaf cells are exposed to oxygen. This process is to develop the right flavour, colour and aroma for the tea.

- The tea is then stored in dry conditions to mature and mellow further before packaging. After that, it is then shipped to stores worldwide for us to drink.

Products that are made from BOH Tea:

- BOH Tea leaves

- BOH Green Tea

- BOH Ice Tea

- BOH 3 in 1

- BOH Cameronian Gold Blend

- BOH Alternative Tea

- BOH Seri Songket Tea

- BOH Teh Tarik Kurang Manis

Why is the business successful? How is it successful beyond just making money

- BOH used marketing and consumer communications strategies to ensure its sustainability and popularity. BOH knows the importance of dynamic, interactive communications between itself and the consumer. From its early years to its current position as established market leader, the company has channeled a considerable part of its energies into developing vibrant and distinctive expressions of its corporate identity.

- The company has leveraged on technology to mechanize the various processes of the tea business but the most important aspect is moving with the times, where marketing is concerned.

- They plantations method is to improve yields as well as the harvesting process and continuously invest in research and development, and it is how they improve their business.

Describe their brand

- BOH brings people together as the core communication to emphasis the brand's ability to transcend social and cultural differences through enabling all Malaysians, regardless of race or age, to come together to enjoy the occasion of tea. BOH Tea is the catalyst for bonding which brings people together irrespective of their difference and strengthen relationships in the simple ritual of drinking tea.

- BOH stays true to it's brand called 'Ummph, means a 'more than a feeling'. It is a magical moment of togetherness, unforgettable times shared with friends and loved ones.

- BOH's brand is a vibrant new brand identity and product packaging which were conceptualised to complement.

- The BOH brand identity has been refreshingly updated in a way that is essentially relevant to consumers. The new identity sophistication and cleanliness in a simplified format and more dynamic look.