lets take a stroll around moscow

A map of Moscow

Moscow's food

Eat some of these foods and try these new things. Food we have here is almost like food in russia also how they serve there food is very different. What russians eat are mostly meats most fruits and veggies also bread. Russians eat with a fork in the left hand a a knife in the right many use just forks, keep hands above the table not in laps. Soup is common for lunch or dinner, they dont really go out to eat in cafes or restaurants because few exist and are fairly expensive. Be sure to try all of these outstanding foods.

Moscow's culture and arts

Go to see all these interesting things in moscow. Pictures we have in the US are not like pictures in russia. Realistic, romantic, political, themes are common in moscow, ballet, opera, and other musical works. Russians wear jeans a shirt or polo and a coat with nike shoes or dress shoes. When its winter they wear fur coats with heeled boots with tights and maybe a short skirt. Go to see and maybe even wear all these wonderful things

Moscow's tourism and activities and entertainment

you know you should try these fun things in moscow. Fitness, ice skating, snow boarding, yoga, gyms, and all kinds of sports. Also they like to do horse back riding, rock climbing, and paint ball. Russians do eating and dancing they also do festivals and parades. Tourism in russia has seen rapid growth since the late soviet times.Make sure to try all these fun things.

Moscow's landmarks and historical sights

Go to russia and visit all these things. The russian orthodox church is a landmark. A famous russian landmark is state hermitage museum. Another famous russian landmark is the kermlin. Another famous russian landmark is the red square. Maybe you could visit all of these famous landmarks.

Moscow's language

Why dont you go down to moscow and try to learn russian language. Russians speak what they want to people. A urk ranian would speak russian to a buryat. Also it is very hard to learn russian language (especially the writing). It takes 5-10 years to learn russian language. Make sure to at least try to learn there language it could be a little tricky.

Moscow's climate and weather

Come and visit russia but bundle up. It is mostly cold in russia so make sure you have warm clothes on. When its winter it is sub-zero BRRRRR. Its warm and cold in the summer. Near the shores is 15.5 degrees and in the month of July it is 10 degrees also August is the wettest mont in russia. Be sure to come to russia and feel the cold weather.