World History Unit 7 project

Madison, Precious, Cinthia, Joel

Unit 7 Reveiw Sheet

1. Nationalism- Love of ones country rather than ones religion.

Militarism- Glorification of armed strength.

Imperialism- Ambition of a powerful nation to dominate the political economy and cultural affairs.

Alliances- unification of countries

2. What started WWI? Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

3. What is an ultimatum? What role did it play in the start of WWI? Demand in which 1 party threatens if the other rejects harmful action to another party- counts proposal.

4. Why did the U.S. not join the war effort from the beginning? Isolationism.

5. What led to the U.S. finally getting involved in the war. Zimmerman telegram, sub warfare.

6. What style of fighting was used in WWI? Explain the style. Trench warfare.

7. What new technologies were used in WWI? Tanks, Planes, Flame thrower.

8. What was president Wilsons plan for peace? 14 point plan.

9. What was the purpose of the league of nations? Prevent another war.

10. Why did the U.S. not join the league of nations? Isolationism ( neutral )

11. Who was blamed for the war and how were they punished? Germany and paying for war damages.

12. Who were the allied powers of WWI? Russia, Great Britain, and France

13. Who were the central powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman empire.

14. Why did Russia leave WWI? Communist.

15. Compare and contrast communism and fascism. Fascism you can own private land , communism you cannot.

16. What are reparations? What reparations were placed on countries after WWI? Fines for war damages.

17. After WWI, who rose to power in Italy? Germany? Stalin, Hitler.

18. What type of government did they run? How? Communist

19. At he beginning of WWII, who did the USSR side with? Allies.

20. Why did they change once the war got started? Sided with Allies.

21. How did Italy contribute to the starting of WWII? Invaded Etheopia.

22. How did Germany contribute to the starting of WWII? Promised Austria they would back them up.

23. What is appeasement and how was it used in WWII? Giving into Hitler

24. Who were the allied powers in WWII? Great Britain, Russia and France

25. Who were the axis powers in WWII? Germany, Italy and Japan.

26. What is the Holocaust? explain. Hitler sent away Jews, Gypsies etc. (all non Germans) to concentration camps.

27. What is the importance of the battle of midway? Turning point for allies.

28. What is the significance of pearl harbor? Surprise attack on japan.

29. Who were the big 3 in WWII? Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill

30. What was created after WII that is still in existence today to prevent war? United Nations.

31. What role did Albert Einstein play in WWII? He was Jewish.

32. What was the Manhattan project? Building of the atomic bomb.

33. Why was WWII called a two front war? What were the 2 fronts? West and East.

34. What role did Stalingrad play In WWII? Long 6 month battle, Germans pushed back the soviets.

35. What is the significance of VE day? Europe surrendered.

36. What is the significance of VJ day? Japan surrendered.

37. What is the significance of August 6th and 9th , 1945? Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Plane: Enola Gay Ended War in the Pacific

38. What was the Nazi ideology practiced by Hitler? The killing off of Jews and other non-Germans.