Raingutter Regatta

Late Update: 6/11/2019

Many Scouts consider this to be their favorite Pack event and definitely the highlight of the summer. If you are unfamiliar with the Raingutter Regatta, think "Pinewood Derby on water." We start by providing balsa wood boat kits in advance for the Scouts to assemble and decorate. On race day, the scouts bring the boats and compete by blowing these mini-catamarans down a 10-foot raingutter filled with water. After declaring winners and awarding trophies, we fill the raingutters with ice cream and make the "world's largest ice cream sundae." Sound fun? IT IS!!!! And remember, this event is also opened to siblings.




Big picture
Big picture

List of Awards

As your Scout (or Scout-sibling) is decorating their boat, you may want to consider these award categories:

Best Detail

Most Likely to Make You Seasick

Most Superhero-esque

The Wave-Tamer

Most Likely to Turn Heads

Best Battleship

Most Intimidating

I Can’t Believe It’s A Boat

Most Seaworthy

Most Artistic

Most Aerodynamic

Most Hydrodynamic

Most Creative Use of Colors

Best of Show

Sportiest Boat

Smoothest Finish

Best Paint Job

Most Unusual

Most Realistic

Most Patriotic

Most Humorous

Most Futuristic

Best Use of Decals

Fastest Looking

Best Workmanship

Best Sail

Most Outstanding Design

Most Colorful

Coolest Name for a Boat

Best Paint Job

Most Creative design

Most Likely to Sink


One-of-a-Kind Boat

Most Artistic Boat

Best Use of Imagination

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