By Dwight Bodden

Bake and Saltfish

A popular dish that is eaten in Guyana is Bake and Saltfish. This meal is usually eaten at breakfast, but it can be eaten at anytime of the day.
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Guyana is a democracy. The president of Guyana is Donald Rabindranauth Ramotar.
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This is Guyanese money. The largest bill in Guyana is 5000.
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More than half of Guyana's population are followers of Christianity.
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The Capital

The capital of Guyana is Georgetown. This is where my grandmother and mother were both born.
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Major Industries

Qualfon is one of the major in Guyana. Demmerara baxite company is another company
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Guyana is in South America. It is next to Venezuela and Suriname.
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Guyanese language

Guyana speaks English. Some of the Guyanese words are: Dem=Them Mak=Make Fufu=idiot pikney=child gyal=girl


In Guyana the people walk, drive, take buses, motorcycles, and bicycle.
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Guyana's education is based on the British system


Some of the sports played in Guyana are Rugby and Football(soccer)
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