Come to Hollywood for fun!

Come to our acrobatic performance in Hollywood!

Our special day is coming soon!

If you like acrobatic, and Hollywood, come for free!

Acrobatic park Hollywood

Sunday, April 19th, 1:30-4pm

Acrobatic park hollywood

Acrobatic park Hollywood

Santa Monica BLVD 1164


1:30 PM- welcome

1:40 PM- first show (20 min)

2:00 PM- second show (30 min)

2:30 PM- little break, with milk and cookies (15 min)

2:45 PM- third show (30 min)

3:15 PM- fourth show (15 min)

3:30 PM- little break again, with cola and sour skittles (15 min)

3:45 PM- last show (10 min)

3:55 PM- the end.