Lawyer Project

By: Jacob Gallas

Structure of a law firm

Managing Partner: Founding lawyer of the firm

Partner: joint owners of the firm

Associate: law firm lawyers

Other workers: summer associate which is someone who studies during the summer time as an intern. Law Students

Role of the litigation attornet

Investigation: lawyers will investigate the situation and get prepared for the pleading

Pleadings: The lawyer will plead and try to convince the judge the defendant is innocent

Discovery: Discovering whether the defendant is guilty or innocent

Pre-Trial: The trial before the trial to outline the discovery

Trial: A formal examination of the evidence

Settlement: Alternative to pursuing litigation through trial

Appeal: To resort to higher authority

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination is when an employer wrongfully terminates an employee for the wrong reason. In some states, a terminated worker can sue for wrongful discharge under contract law if they can show an implied contract.

Wrongful Termination in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has enacted a wide array of wrongful termination and discrimination statutes in the state to supplement the already strong federal laws governing those issues. As an “at will” state, without these laws employees and employers could terminate employment at any time for any reason, allowing employers to violate employee’s rights at will. Current laws provide powerful civil rights protections for employees, both in the workplace and by providing a way to see compensation and restitution when their rights have been violated.