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Variety In The Diet

Use a lettuce leaf instead of bread

This advice seems strange at first, but try and you will probably like it. Instead of eating sandwiches and hamburgers with bread rolls, why not try a leaf of lettuce?

Can prepare double cheeseburger with onions, pickles and tomatoes wrapped in whole leaf lettuce. Or you can prepare a wrapped sandwich using lettuce leaf instead of tortillas or bread. This News is Resource by: Joey Atlas Scam

This will help you to increase your intake of good carbs and variety in the diet.

Eat fruit for dessert

Okay, every one of us wants dessert occasionally, but to eat dessert, and keep a low carb diet? Why do not you try to eat cheese with sliced fruit or berries? Better yet, why not milk cream with berries? Also, you can taste the strawberry or pineapple with cottage cheese?

Forest fruit is sweet and rich in fiber and nutrients, and dairy products are rich in protein. If your diet plan allows it, this is a sweet and tasty alternative to those sugar-soaked pastries. An additional benefit is that the fiber from fruits and protein from dairy products make you feel fuller.