Do You Have What It Takes?

By Jolene Pern

Help needed in the executive branch!

Do you have the skills and responsibility to be part of the executive branch? The jobs of President, Vice President, and Cabinet member are up for grabs. Read on to see if you are a good candidate for any one of these titles.


President and Vice President

  • 35 years old or older
  • natural born citizen
  • at least 14 years of residence in the United States

Cabinet Member

  • appointed by President
  • approved by Senate

Jobs and responsibilities


The President is the star of the executive branch, as well as the one with the most responsibilities. The current President is Barack Obama.

Chief of State - If you were the President, you would have to be the Chief of State, which is the job of being the national symbol and inspiring example of the United States. You would have to do public things such as giving a patriotic speech on Independence Day. This job is mainly to keep the patriotic spirit alive.

Chief Executive - You would also be Chief Executive, which is deciding on how laws should be enforced. You would choose officials and advisers to help run the Executive Branch.

Chief Diplomat - Another responsibility would be to decide what American diplomats and ambassadors are going to say to foreign countries. You would also be in charge of creating the United States foreign policy. For example, you might have to go to London to meet with British officials.

Commander-in-Chief - Ensuring the people's safety is the utmost priority, and the President is in charge of that. You would be in charge of the the armed forces of United States, where all of the generals and admirals take their orders from you. You would be the one to give the order to send a troop out to stop a dangerous riot, as well as many other situations.

Chief Legislator - Being President means that you can influence the Congress to do something. You can also pass laws and veto bills.

Chief of Party - You want other people in your political party to be elected or appointed into office, as they will agree with you more.

Chief Guardian of the Economy - This is the job in which you must deal with taxes, unemployment, high prices, business profits, and the general prosperity of the country. This is one of the most important jobs because if you make a decision that the people do not agree on, the people will start to dislike you.

Vice President

The Vice President doesn't have as many responsibilities as the President does, but the Vice President needs to be able to take the place of the President at any time, in case of an emergency. The current Vice President is Joe Biden.

President - If you were Vice President, you would need to be able to take the President's place at any time. An emergency could suddenly come up, and you would need to take the reins. For example, the President might get assassinated or have a heart attack.

President of Senate - With 100 Senators, sometimes voting is an issue with a tie. As the President of Senate, you would cast the final vote to break the tie.

Cabinet Member

If you were a Cabinet Member, you would be part of the Cabinet that advises the President on current issues. You would also carry out the decisions made by the government.

Job in the lawmaking process


The President's job would be to pass laws and veto bills.

Vice President

The Vice President's job would be to be the tie breaker in the Senate if there was a tie when voting.

How to be elected as president or vice president

General Election - The most important step into becoming a President is the general election, where the people over 18 years old vote for who they want to be President and Vice President. This takes place the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Electoral College Vote - This is an official vote, in which the electoral college votes for who their state wanted to vote for. The point of this is to make sure that the people don't vote for the "wrong" person, or someone who definitely could not be President. The electoral college vote takes place in December.

Inauguration - This is when the new president takes the oath of office and officially becomes President! This takes place in January.

Do you have what it takes?

So, have you decided? Do YOU have what it takes to be part of the executive branch?


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