Grobe's Groovin' Group News

Week of April 1-5

Blessed Weekend

I had such an amazing weekend back in my hometown of Gladewater, Texas. It was nice to be with my family and celebrate things that are important to us. My weekend started off at my parents' house for my little sister's baby shower and we ended the weekend with a traditional Easter Egg Hunt. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as well and that each of my wonderful students were able to relax mentally for the week that is ahead of us!

Celebrate with my STAARS!

We are steadily preparing for our first round of Celebration Days and I am continuing my conversations on the importance of the power of positive thinking! It is so cool to hear my students share stories of their experiences with changing their thought process and how the situation they encountered was a more rewarding or positive experience . I am loving the response I see to such a powerful, life altering habit! My goal is that this thinking process carry through our Celebration Days and into more aspects of their every day life!

To ensure we are all on the same page for next week's days, I have listed our rules and regulations again for your information. Please take a moment to reread the info below and let me know if you have any questions!

  • No backpacks
  • If not buying a lunch- bring lunch
  • water bottle
  • If your child must bring a cell phone- it will be collected that day and returned before leaving school. (my cell will also be collected)
  • We will have a closed campus, so no visitors or volunteers
  • No snack on these days (our lunch will be earlier @ 11:00)
  • PLEASE have your students at school at 7:45 if not eating a cafeteria breakfast
  • If eating a cafeteria breakfast have them here no later than 7:30

And just for your added information, I will not have my MacBook on these days so I will not be able to return any emails throughout the day, as well.

What's Happening @ McGowen

Upcoming Events and This Week's Objectives

April 1-5

Tuesday: STAAR "Celebration Day" Writing Part 1

Wednesday: STAAR " Celebration Day" Writing Part 2

Both days are closed campus days

Weekly Objectives:

Reading: I will find connections between 2 texts and identify key character changes.

Mrs. Grobe

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