Hot Desert

Hot Desert Climate

> The Hot desert is the hottest biome on earth .

> It could be over 100 degrees fahrenheit during day and below 32 at night.

> Violent rainstorms can cause flash floods in the desert.

> After a storm, the desert may not see any rain for weeks or months.

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Plants in the hot Desert

Animals in the Hot Desert

Soil condition

Deserts are defined as being very dry. Not all of them are hot, or sandy. The antarctic continent is a dry, polar desert. At the south pole, it doesn't snow very often, though, blowing snow can accumulate up to 20 cm. Even though moisture levels are really low, deserts are prone to flash flooding when they receive rain. This is what causes all of the interesting and colorful rock formations. The lack of soil moisture keeps minerals from leaching out of the soils, and can even create cement like horizons near the soil surface.
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