Student Orgs Bulletin

A weekly rundown of announcements and reminders.

April 16-22, 2017

I publish these bulletins each week to keep all student org leaders and advisors updated on STARS stuff, frequently asked questions, and other important info to help you run a successful student org. If there's a topic you think I should cover, let me know!

Need to Know

Re-registration beings on May 1

Annual Re-registration will be held from May 1-18 this year. Since so many organizations hold officer elections in April, I pushed the re-registration process to May so we can collect the contact information for the new officers before the summer.

On May 1, a button will appear on your org's Owl Connect page that says "Register," Whoever clicks that button will become the org's Primary Contact. They will be asked to verify all org information in Owl Connect, making any necessary changes to the Roster, Constitutions, About, etc. Please note this year we will ask for your faculty/staff advisor's TUID number. Now is a good time to make sure you begin asking for that data. The Office of Human Resources will use the TUIDs to enroll all student organization advisors in a mandatory Clery Act training. The training is not a new requirement, but HR has requested the TUIDs to make the enrollment process easier.

We will review re-registration submissions one by one and approve them throughout May and June. Stay tuned for more detailed instructions and reminders leading up to May.

Good to Know

2 STARS Deadline: April 30

The deadline to complete the 2 STAR Challenges is April 30. Don't forget your STARS Coordinator must submit everything into the STARS Curriculum AND submit a STARS Audit Request Form to trigger our review and approval.

Out of respect to the orgs work hard to get everything in by the deadline, late submissions will not be accepted.

Nice to Know

Elections on Owl Connect

For many organizations, the end of the semester is elections season!

Did you know that you could use Owl Connect to conduct your officer elections conveniently and anonymously? You can even set the privacy of the elections to only allow those on the roster to vote!

Check out the instructional video below for a how-to!

Campus Labs® CollegiateLink: How to Create an Election

That's all, folks!

In-person STARS Workshops are done for the year. Check the options below if you're looking to cram a few more workshops in before the 2 STAR Deadline on April 30.
STARS-Leadership Workshop Library

If you need some STARS-Leadership workshops, read our website under "Other Workshop Opportunities" for more info about the workshop library.

STARS-Inclusion Independent Study

If you need some STARS-Inclusion workshops, read our website for more information about the STARS-Inclusion Independent Study,

Student Activities

Our vision is that all Temple University students never stop discovering. Student Activities creates and shares a passion for engagement and growth by immersing students in exciting experiences.