Wijke Zimmerman


My skills

Welcome to my online resume! Here I would like to share with you my best skills that I hope will be of value for your company. I consider myself as a reliable and social person. I love working with others and regulary baby sit my neighbor's kids. I speak four languages which are Dutch, English, French and German. I am fluent in English and Dutch and can understand most of French and German. I am ambitious and like to set certain goals. After I graduate I want to go to the school of liberal art and science of Amsterdam. Due to the fact that I have traveled to different countries, I am able to adapt myself when it comes to new situations. My main goal in life is to be happy and do the things that I like to do.

All about me


After high school I am attending University in Amsterdam. My first choice is liberal art and science but also history is something that I want to consider.


In 2015, I graduated high school in the Netherlands. My grades made me eligible for joining the Socrates Honour Society. This means that I belong to the top 10% of Dutch high school graduates. They organize activities every month and provide scholarships for active members.
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