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Oct. 20-24, 2014

Mrs. Brumlow's 5th Grade--Riverton Intermediate School

iPad Acceptable Use Policy

I still have about 5 students who have NOT returned their signed iPad Usage Policy. You will NOT be allowed to use the iPADs until it is returned.


REMEMBER: WLRs are to be review and signed over the weekend. They are to be returned on Mondays.

Front Row Top Scoring Students!

This week's Top Scoring Students are.....

Morgan M & Hailey S

Congratulations to these two. Will they keep First Place, or will YOU take it????

Have you started using Front Row yet? If not, you are missing out on some REAL fun. Check with Mrs. Brumlow for the class code. You can use the link below if you already have the class code.

Red Ribbon Week Oct. 27-31

Red Ribbon Week Schedule

Monday: Red Day—Wear ALL Red

Tuesday: Hat Day—Hats Off to being DRUG FREE!

Wednesday: Tie Day—Tie Down Drugs!

Thursday: Sock it to Drugs—Sock it to Drugs!

Friday: Team Spirit Day—Team up Against Drugs!—NO HATS

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What’s Remind?

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PLEASE Join Our Email List

From time to time, I will send out important emails. It would be GREAT if I could have at least one working email for each student/family. If you would like to have more than one email added, please do so. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and add your email.
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Weekly Newsletter--Oct. 27-31


This week’s Story: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Skills: Author's Purpose; Background Knowledge

Test: 10/31


Subject/Verb Agreement

Test: 10/31


Final Syllables –er. -ar, -or

Test: 10/31


Ch 3 Body Systems

Ch 3 OPEN BOOK Test: 10/30


Division Continued

Division Test Pt 1: 1 & 2-Digit Divisors; Partial Quotients: 10/28

Timed Math Facts Test EVERY Friday (division)

Social Studies

The Age of Discovery Test: 10/27

Begin Old & New World

Week 7 Studies Weekly

Explorers Report due Thurs. Oct 30th

Fifth Grade Parent Newsletter

This week’s story is The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Revolutionary war hero Paul Revere warned the colonists of an advancing attack by the British Army. Revere rode his horse through the night warning every village and town. The colonists, prepared by Revere's warning, defeated the British forces.

We will focus on some vocabulary words in this story. It would be helpful if you will reinforce the meaning of these words at home with your child. Also, on this newsletter you will find our spelling words for the week. Please practice these words at home as well. Don’t forget our challenge spelling words. Finally, you will notice a set of “Amazing Words.” These words are not tested; however, we STRONGLY encourage you to have your child use these words of speaking, writing, etc. We will do the same in the classroom. Let’s have a great week!

Spelling Words: danger, wander, tractor, dollar, harbor, eager, eraser, surrender, solar, sticker, locker, helicopter, pillar, refrigerator, caterpillar, rumor, glimmer, linger, sensor, alligator

Challenge Words: numerator, collector, ancestor, counselor, denominator

Amazing Words (not tested; for writing and speaking): battlefield, freedom, beloved, battle, acquire, representative, revolution, liberty, government

Vocabulary Word/Meaning

fate--what is meant to happen to a person, group, or nation

fearless--not afraid of anything

glimmer--a light that is not very bright or steady

lingers--stays on; leaves slowly

magnified--made to look larger than it really is

somber--dark and gloomy

steed--a horse, especially one used in war

Dress Code Reminder

As the weather stays on the warm side, students want to wear warm weather clothing. There have been several students who have arrived at school with clothing that is not acceptable according to the Madison County Student Code of Conduct Dress Code Policy. REMEMBER: shorts should not be shorter than the tips of your fingers when arms are extended to the side. A good rule of thumb: If in doubt....don't wear it.

RIS School Wide Calendar

Check here for important dates.

2014-2015 School Calendar

Calendar- This is the link to the school calendar for 2014-2015. This calendar includes four ½ day student days. The early release dates are September 26th, October 31st, February 13th, and April 17th.

Riverton Intermediate Newsletter

Check out the RIS Smore Page for up-to-date information about our school/community.


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