SIGnificant News!

Sarah Lawrence- Day Program, Week 3

We have made it to our final week! Look and see what we have done in just our three weeks at Sarah Lawrence College.

Across the Universe

In Planetary Science, students are researching planets and constructing their own solar systems!

Fun with Newtonian Physics

We had an explosive third week in physics, and worked with many different materials and concepts. What a great class!

Ask your child:

How do non-Newtonian fluids behave?

How far did a long rocket go vs. a short rocket?

What happened during your soda bottle rocket launch?

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Algebraic Expressions

This week The Number Devil inspired us to take a closer look at Pascal's Triangle. The class voted and wanted to find various categories of numbers in the triangle. For example, one student wanted to find all of the triangle numbers and color them. We noticed that it made a beautiful picture made of small and large triangles. Another student wanted to color in the multiples of seven, which made another beautiful display. We also spent more time figuring out some of the book's tricky math problems. We learned more about combination theory and factorials during a seating problem in a fictitious math class. Overall, it was a great final week at camp and I am sad to see it end.
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Cracking Codes

This week we really pulled all of our learning together to crack more complex codes. We finished our Ceasar Ciphers, Cryptograms, and made a Scytale. All of these encryption devices would keep our codes a secret so that no one would see! We also learned about how the English language is also like a code. We played several board games and tried to find out missing words, and synonyms for other words using context clues. Finally, we studied Egyptian Hieroglyphics and carved some of our own into a clay tablet. I can't believe camp has come to an end, but you know what that means, only 364 days until next summer!

Some SIG kids in costume!

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Discovering Dinosaurs

In our dinosaurs class, students were able to finish their dioramas and their books! They have worked hard on connecting their literacy skills with their researcher brains.
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The Jaikaran sisters in costume!

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Look at our brand new websites starring our kids!

That's it!

We had such a fabulous three weeks with all of our amazing SIG kids! We used our hands to build new inventions, our minds to create new literature, and our hearts to inspire everyone!
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