Information about Newborns

Kaven Rosen

Newborn appearance

  • They will have a white substance on their skin called vernix
  • They will be covered in a soft hair called lanugo
  • They may have hard white spots on their nose called milia

Bonding with your infant

There are many different things you can do to bond with your baby.

  • Feeding time
  • Through touch
  • Bath time
  • Bed time
  • Talking to them
  • Massages

Appropriate toys for infants

A appropriate toy needs to be made of durable materials needs to have rounded edges and needs to be age appropriate

  • Music box
  • Rattles
  • Blocks
  • Puzzles
  • Toy mirrors

Pros and cons of breast and bottle feeding

Some pros of breast feeding

  • Baby gets more nutrients
  • No bottle equipment
  • Cheaper
Cons of breast feeding

  • Breasts get sore
  • Time consuming
  • Messy
Bottle feeding pros

  • Shorter feeding time
  • Convienent
  • Less messy
Cons of bottle feeding

  • Less nutrients
  • More parts
  • No natural immunities

First foods

At birth

  • Milk through breast feeding
2-3 weeks

  • Orange juice
4 weeks

  • Fluoridated water
3 months

  • Cereal that provides iron and taste differences B vitamins

Characteristics of a healthy child

  • Sleeps soundly
  • Eats without coaxing
  • Gains steadily in height and weight
  • Teeth are in good condition

SIDS prevention and crib safety

SIDS prevention
  • Place baby on their back to sleep
  • Use a sleeping surface with fitted sheets
  • Don't use pillows
Crib safety

  • Crib railing 2 3/8 in apart
  • Take down mobiles
  • Mattress fits snug