Protect the Turtles !

Andy Henze

Attention Farmers !

If you have problems with bugs you should invest in turtles ! Bugs love to eat your crops. But turtles love to eat bugs ! Also, the turtles will naturally fertilize the land. When they get older and their jaws are more powerful they can eat all your left over crops that were no good for eating or selling.


1. If you farm one animal or plant, then there will be more of that one animal or plant and less of the others, decreasing variation

2. Because over time there will be more pesticide resistant bugs that you can't get rid of; certain bugs eat certain crops so if you sprayed the corn with a pesticide only the bugs that eat will corn will die and decrease biodiversity

3. Deforestation removes habitats and food sources for certain animals and those animals will eventually die while the non-forest reliant animals will survive

4. It will destroy the wetland habitat so the animals that lie there will have to find a new home or die. When they leave or die the animals that don't live in the wetlands that eat the animals that live in the wetlands will die or have to move to find new food.

5. So that there will be more habitats available for animals to live so those animals won't go extinct in that area