The Netherlands

by: Tal Kortov

facts about nederland

The Wilhelmus is the oldest national anthem in the world: Both the words and music date from the 16th century, and in it, the Dutch king speaks of his German blood and describes his loyalty to the Spanish crown.

There are over 1,000 windmills still standing from 1850: Traditionally used for a variety of purposes, from irrigation to grinding grain, only a few still operate commercially. The Kinderdrijk area is a UNESCO World Heritage site home to 19 traditional windmills.

Clogs are rarely worn and usually plain: Traditionally, klompen were used as protective footwear for farm and industrial workers as they're sturdy, waterproof and easy to clean. Now they're usually slipped on to work in the garden or take the rubbish out.

Home of the orange carrot: Dutch carrot growers developed orange carrots in the 16th century through careful breeding of existing varieties. At the time, carrots were a range of colours, from pale yellow to purple.

The Dutch eat the most liquorice in the world: Some 32 million kilos of the black sweet are consumed each year.


The Netherlands is a country that is especially close to my heart.

4 years ago my family and I visited Holland. I loved the views very much. Holland has parks, streets with trees and lots of flowers.

I rode bicycles all the time. It was a lot of fun. We visited the windmills and learned how they work. We went to a village where they make cheese and saw how the people there make cheese. We took a cruise in Amsterdam. It is a great way to enjoy the city and see all the important places.

I love the Dutch national football team. Many of the players are the best in the world like Arjen Robben , Robin van Persie and Wesley Sneijder.

Finally, I suggest you go to the Netherlands on your next vacation.


I learned a lot about Holland from the facts that I wrote in the first part of the project. I remembered the vacation that I spent there and felt very good.

The poject was not hard for me. I found many facts about Holland on the Internet and I used Google Translate to write what I wanted in correct English.