Mr. Lafrance's Class Newsletter

Monday, April 20th, 2015

A long awaited update!

Good evening,

I want to apologize for not having more regular updates over the last few months, things have been quite busy over here. We're having so much fun in class, that time really is flying! It is hard to believe that we are in the tail end of the school year already. Of course, as we round the corner into spring, lots of things are blooming outside, as well as inside our classroom.

This week alone, we have several things happening. I've broken it down into a few smaller chunks below. Read to the end of the newsletter as you won't want to miss out on a single detail.

Also, very important information. Hopewell Ave PS is in the top 10 for the Majesta Trees of Knowledge contest. This is an opportunity to win $20,000 towards an outdoor classroom. It is important to vote every day and spread the word! You get an entry to a draw worth $10,000 every time you vote.

vote daily here:

Thank you!

Field Trip to Baxter Conservation Area - Wednesday, April 22

We will be heading to Manotick for a full day this Wednesday to participate in hands on learning activities that have to do with plants and soils. These are topics that have already been covered in class, and now we get the chance to apply what we know. The trip was made possible at no cost due to the outdoor education grant that our school was given. Here are some details from the center about what to bring on that day.

Here is a list of things for your students to bring with you (sent from Baxter)

- Rubber boots (Baxter is very wet in the spring)

- Rain gear (Just in case!)

- Water bottle (We do not have water fountains but water bottles can be filled at the sinks onsite)

- Litterless lunch (We ask all groups to pack out any garbage they bring in with them. We DO NOT sell food onsite)

- Sunscreen

- Extra change of clothes (In case it rains and clothes get wet)

- Hat

Kindness Club Earth Day Presentation

As part of our focus on being kind to the Earth, the students have been working on a performance on the three R's with Jenny Shinder. We will perform this Friday somewhere between 12:30-1:30 in the central gym. The performance will be about 5-10 minutes long. Parents are welcome to attend. There will also be a performance by Claire Martin's class and a sing-a-long led by Nicola Williams.

Please help your child find the prop they require (can be found in the script) and coordinate their costume:

Reduce --> green shirt

Reuse --> red shirt

Recycle --> blue shirt

If your child is not in a specific group, they can wear any of the three colours listed above. Don't forget to have them practice their line and the song. It is in their homework folder.

Music Class... a note from Mme Williams

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This spring our music class will be using the recorder to explore much of the music curriculum. Students who already own a recorder are asked to bring it in. If you wish to buy a recorder for your child, you can find a reasonable quality one for about $10. The Ottawa Folklore Centre stocks some, and your child will likely continue to use it up to Grade 5. The school has some soprano recorders that students can use; I will sterilize them between classes.

Thank you,

Nicola Williams

Parent Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Friday, May 8th, 8-10am

Hopewell Public School, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ottawa, ON

There are so many parents who volunteer their time to help us out with reading, field trips, special activities, and so much more! We are putting together a breakfast to thank you on Friday, May 8th at 8 am. To RSVP, please complete the following form:

May Math Morning

Friday, May 8th, 9:30-11am

Hopewell Public School, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ottawa, ON

Have you ever wondered just how exactly the math program is delivered in my classroom? This is your chance to come in and experience for yourself. The topic will be around proportional reasoning in relation to fractions. The first half of the morning will be a lesson as a group and move into hands on centers for the rest of the time. Please come in and be a part of our math morning!