Brasilia, Brazil

Fantastic views, Delicious foods, and fun adventures-

Brasilia meals

Come and taste the delicious foods in brazil. For breakfast Brazilians might eat fruit like pawpaw or mango along with freshly baked bread with cheese and meat, or perhaps a yogurt. Also Brazil has a lot of many Brazilians consists of their diet of the local produce. Although there are regional variations from seafood on the coast, and spicy food is usually quite similar throughout the country. And Brazilians who live in the cities also enjoy a much wider choice of food than people in the country.

Brazils culture/past/arts

There is so much fun things to do in Brazil so why don't you come down and check it out! First when the portuguese arrived in neighboring Inca Peru and parts of central American and Mexico. So aside from the sights and spots in Brasilia the cities culture is a must for tourists to experience as well. Also Brasilia's dance follows the official dance of the country Samba. One amazing thing is every 7th of september, in Brasilia celebrate the independence day through a traditional parade happens in ministries ESplanade.

Brasilias marks/sights

Come and check out some of our landmarks many visit the site of President Kubitscheks memorial, featuring a tastefully inscribed tablet in honor. The top 1st tourist attraction is the christ redeemer statue. The 2nd top tourists attraction is Iguaz Falls. And the 3rd top tourist attraction is the Amazon River.

Brasilias language

Brazil has a great language you should try it out. Language is one of the strongest elements of Brazil's national unity. Portuguese is spoken by nearly 100% of the population. Because of Brazil's size, self-sufficiency, and relative isolation, foreign languages are not widely spoken the rules of grammar are complex and allow more flexibility than English or Spanish.

Brasilias weather

With all of this nice weather at times you should go swimming. The warmest month is January; the coolest is July. But because of it's tropical and subtropical climate, Brazil is an all year round destination. Also from December to February it's summer. So don't forget to go to Brasilia, Brazil.