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John D. Rockefeller by Julie Vyhanek

Big Business Leader and Founder of Standard Oil Business.
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Early Life

Rockefeller was the second born of six children. His father was William Avery Rockefeller, and his mother was Eliza Davidson. He attended Owego Academy before High School, Cleveland High School, and he took a 10 week course at Folsom's Commercial College.


Rockefeller's successes started in 1859, when he went into the produce commission business with partner Maurice B. Clark. Rockefeller moved up steadily in the business industry from there. He eventually created the largest oil refinery in the world.

Careless Behavior

One of Rockefeller's careless actions was his choice of education. The only college he attended was a 10 week course at a small commercial college near where he grew up. He clearly didn't do much to try to make himself successful, and clearly he did not intend on being such a successful figure in history. Rockefeller was also careless in his altercation with Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was another Big Business Leader at the time, in charge of the steel business. Rockefeller came across a huge landfill full of steel, and precious metals. Rockefeller decided to open a small steel business, simply to steal the business away from Carnegie. These actions barely helped Rockefeller at all, and he was being careless by ruining Carnegie's career.

Causalities of War

As explained above, Andrew Carnegie suffered so that Rockefeller could get ahead. Carnegie was a very rich and wealthy man, but Rockefeller decided to corrupt his business out of pure cruelty.

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