Cub Chronicle: Parent Edition

February Newsletter

What our cubs are Learning

Content Areas

Pre-K 4


-alliteration (words beginning with the same sound)

-CVC words, blending of spoken phonemes to form one syllable words (/c/ /a/ /t/ = cat)

-Word families -ad, -ap, -ut, -up, blends onset and rime (blends initial sound with the ending sound of a word, ex. /b/ /ad/ = bad

-compound words (two words joined together to make a new word, ex. pan + cake = pancake

ELA – Letters/Sounds: Xx, Qq, Mm, Ss, Kk, Pp, Oo, Ff, Uu, Ll, Cc; Word Wall Words: to, in, a, it

SLA – Letters/Sounds: qu, x, y, z, e, t, p, a, n, b, m, i, d, o, s, u, c, g, f, v, h, j, k, l, r, w, qu, x, y, z, ñ

; Word Wall Words: la, yo, mi, no


-continue working on addition and subtraction using concrete models, creating pictorial models, and sharing word problems for adding up to 5 objects.

-subitizing up to 5, identifying a set without counting the number of objects 1-5

-recognizing and creating patterns

-1:1 correspondence (child counts up to 10 objects, demonstrating that the last count indicates how many items were counted)

Social Studies/SEL

-child demonstrates an understanding that others have perspective and feelings that are different from their own

-understanding connection between emotions and behaviors

-sustaining attention to personal routine or task until completed

-Community helpers (discuss roles and responsibilities)


-identify, observe, and discuss objects in the sky

-observe and describe what happens during changes in the Earth and Sky

Pre-K 3

Reading & Writing:

-Write our names

-Identifying Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

Social & Emotional Learning:

-Commitment to be kind to one another


-Numeration 0-10

-Addition & Subtraction


-The 4 Seasons

Specials' Corner


In February, we will continue working with manipulative motor skills. The students will begin this unit with throwing and catching. Please have a ball or something similar for my virtual friends. We will also explore jump roping and using a hula hoop. Let’s have some socially distant fun!


This month we will continue developing our voices while reviewing concepts of steady beat, low and high, same and different, and loud and soft. We will be focusing on learning the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall and exploring music and sounds of each season.


This month we will be studying the element of art called texture. We will practice different pattern drawing techniques to show texture. We will be drawing a different texture monster everyday. The students will need a piece of paper, black marker, and their crayons this week.

Health Spot

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Student Health & Safety

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  • Lets talk about FLU SEASON; the best defense is to VACCINATE! Annual influenza vaccination is the best protection against influenza and is recommended in the United States for all people >6 months. Influenza vaccines reduced complications from illness, pediatric influenza A- associated hospitalizations, and Emergency Department visits.

    Also, if your child has turned 4, don't forget to get those vaccines. This will get them ready for KINDERGARTEN 2021-2022!

  • Please provide 3 changes of clothes for students daily. Please refer to the district's toileting policy provided by your classroom teacher for more information.
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To find more information regarding GPISD's protocols & procedures during COVID-19, please visit

Counselor's Corner

Hello Crockett Cub Family,

We are Mrs. Lopez, your School Counselor and Ms. Gaines, your Social-Emotional Learning Counselor. It is truly a pleasure to support all the children and families at Crockett EES. We actively work to provide our students weekly guidance lessons, individual counseling sessions, and various virtual parent education classes. If your child is in need of any social-emotional support, please fill out the counselor consultation form. The form can be found by clicking the following link:


Our vision is for all of our young learners at Crockett Early Education School to develop fundamental skills; academically, socially and emotionally at an early age so that they can succeed and find their unique and individual passion in life.


Our mission is to support our School District’s youngest learners in reaching their highest potential socially, emotionally and academically. We provide students and families with a counseling program that addresses skills and techniques that foster social, emotional, and academic growth to all children to prepare them for school readiness.

This month, students will focus on attitudes and behaviors that are critical for maintaining positive and supportive relationships. Caring for Others is vital to positive peer relationships. In this unit, students will practice acts of kindness and share expressions of gratitude. Feeling valued, responded to, and cared for helps children develop a caring attitude and empathy for others. When children feel connected to others, they develop a sense of social responsibility.

Ways to promote Caring for Others at Home:

  • Ask your child how he or she helped a classmate “have a good day.”
  • “Catch” your child being kind to someone and point out how good it must have made the

person feel.

  • Model small acts of kindness during your daily activities and talk with your child specifically about how and why the act benefited the other person.
  • Brainstorm ways your family can do kind things for others in your neighborhood or community or

participate in a community service project as a family.

Join us in celebrating Career Week February 8-12

This week students will have a unique opportunity to learn about different careers from some of our students from Dubiski Career High School. Our young learners will get a chance to join a live zoom session where they will be exploring careers such as culinary, dentistry, cosmetology, architecture, auto technology, health science and aviation technology. We will also have campus wide activities each day! You won’t want to miss out!

Monday: College Day- Wear your favorite college shirt or Crockett t-shirt

Tuesday: Dress up for a career interview- wear black dress pants, ties, button up shirt, vest, skirts or suits

Wednesday: Your future is out of this world-wear stars or anything that glows in the dark

Thursday: List Careers that never sleep: Wear PJ’s

Friday: Career Dress up day- Come dressed in your favorite future career attire.

Mark your calendars!

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8-12: Career Week

9: Family Yoga Class@5pm on Zoom 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad

10: PACT “Keep looking up:Objects and Changes in the Sky @ 9am (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad) or Follow us on Facebook for the Live Presentation

11: Stay Fit&Healthy during the pandemic @1pm (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

15: Holiday/Bad Weather Day: NO SCHOOL

18: Stay Fit&Healthy during the pandemic @1pm (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

24: PACT “Fun with Measuring, Adding and Subtracting Objects @ 9am (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad) or Follow us on Facebook for the Live Presentation

25: Stay Fit&Healthy during the pandemic @1pm (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)


  • Please remember to send a note to school with your child excusing their absence upon his or her return to school.
  • Don't forget that 3 tardies equals 1 absence. The tardy bell rings at 8:10a!
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