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Reports show that after every 15 seconds, domestic violence is conducted by a man on some child or women in United States. According to this Data, there are around 2.5 million people who face domestic violence or physical assaults.

Therefore, it is important to start with a very basic step to protect yourself from any sort of Physical assaults:

If a woman faces any of the following, then a woman is being abused:

  • Is he possessive and jealous?
  • Does he isolates you from other family members and cuts you off from the outer world?
  • Does he behaves innocently for a moment and then turns abusive after that? Does he have sudden mood changes?
  • Does he try to control her life – for example, to whom she should meet or see; what she should eat or wear and how much money she must keep?
  • Does he check her movements?
  • Does he blame her for things happening in his life?
  • Does he insult her or humiliate her in front of everyone?
  • Does he abuse her verbally too?
  • Does he criticize her too?

In such cases, the best option is to escape and inform the right authorities and your family members about it. Face forward has its members spread across United States to protect women and children from any such abuse or assault.

Group Provides Free Plastic Surgery to Domestic Violence Victims

For those who have gone through any such physical abuse, Face forward organization provides facial surgical treatments to overcome scars, burns or cuts caused on your face. This will help the victims to ease out from all sorts of physical and psychological pain. The surgery will help the victims and the family members of the victims to forget that incident and give a new start to their lives.

Face Forward to Confront Domestic Violence in Beverly Hills

Face forward has excellent and well-experienced surgeons with it who work intricately in each case and helps to bring back the original look of the face with the help of surgery. The organization also conducts confidence building sessions to help them retain their self-confidence and self-esteem back.

Face Forward organization has been existing in Los Angeles since long. It is a non-profit organization that works to give a new beginning and a new life to all the victims. The team of people working with us dedicate themselves wholehearted to bring the sufferers back to life. Therefore, the ladies should contact to them in order to get rid of domestic violence.

Deborah Alessi

Deborah Alessi is the founder of Face Forward organization that helps that people who are victim of domestic violence. Mrs. Deborah Alessi is a business woman who works for the people to recover emotionally and physically.