Wild Animal Treatment

Jocelyn Rodriguez


People see animals as something worth nothing. Actually animals help us with a lot of stuff. Animals are going places that look unusual to them and that is not were they belong. So we must treat animals with respect. Also you might think they look cute and cool in public but actually they hit them with claw sticks. I think that animals should not be in circuses because they don't treat them right.


According to Peta.org, they treat animals very bad. They train animals to do stuff that the animals are not familiar with, in circuses. Also if they don't do it good or they don't obey they hit them with a claw stick. The poor wild animals have been traveling places that look unusual to them.

Also according to Bornfreeusa.org, Animals should be left in the wild! Circuses are not good for animals. They don't treat them right. They hit them with clawsticks. Also they don't give them enough food and water. These poor animals need to be out were there's nature and freedom.

Animal Organization

We should treat wild animals fairly. We should also take wild animals out of zoos and circuses because they are not treated right. We can tell people too! About how wild animals are treated in circuses and zoos. We should all take good care of these wild animals because animals helps us with a lot of things. We should treat animals right because they took pretty good care of us and they protect us sometimes. Why do we treat animals this way if they didn't do anything.