Lake Malawi

One of the deepest lakes in the world

Also called Lake Nyasa


Its is in the East African Rift Valley.It is mainly within Malawi and is the third largest lake in that region.The lake was discovered by Caspar Broccaro a Portuguese, Founded in 1616. Its shores boundary the northern and eastern shores of Malawi from the other country's of Tanzania and Mozambique.It is south of the lake Victoria.

Geography and Climate

It is a landlocked body of water. It is 568 km long and 16km to 80km wide. Dry season last through April to October. The best time is from May to July.


Buffalo, antelope, elephants, leopards, lions, rhinoceroses, zebras are the land animals. There are hundreds of fish species. The wildlife are hunted for game in this area.There is an entire area that is reserved for certain species of fish.
Lake Malawi