Freshman Year

How To Survive

Welcome to your freshman year. You will be fine it's a lot easier than it seems. You have so many more freedoms than in 7th and 8th grade, but with those freedoms you also get a lot more responsibility.

You will cover many topics in Honors English 9.

~A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

You have already read half of the book over the summer. Now that you are back it is time to finish it. Some days you may not want to do it. Just do it anyway it will help you in the long run.

~Short Stories

This section was a very fun part of the year. We spent about a day on each story. When we were done reading them all we got to go see them be preformed. On this trip we stopped at Panara.


Divergent was our assignment over Christmas break. Although many of us were upset about having it over break, it was a very good book to read. When we got back, Mrs. Allen broke us up into factions. We then played games relating to the book to see which faction was the best.

~The Odyssey

I was worried about doing the Odyssey going into this year. All of the people ahead of us said it was very difficult, but Mrs. Allen changed her lesson. It was not bad at all. It was a good story and was very enjoyable.

Independent Reading

One of Mrs. Allen's main goals this year is to get you reading more on your own. She is very successful at this. The topics she choose are very good, and you will get interested in the topics she chooses.

My Fave

My favorite topic this year was Divergent. Although we had to read it over Christmas, it was a very good book and easy to read. The assignments you do with the book are also very fun.

My Not So Fave

My least favorite topic this year was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I didn't find the book that interesting during the summer and I found the rest of the book hard to get into after not reading it in awhile.

My Advice

This year can be very easy or very difficult. I will be however you want it to. If you stay positive you will be fine. Make sure you stay caught up in your classes if you miss a day. Don't fall behind it will just get worse.

5 Ways To Finish Mrs. Allens Projects

1. Use your time in class

2. Don't procrastinate

3. If you don't feel like doing the work, still do it

4. Make sure you get all the work you miss

5. Finish your work on time

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