safe web surfing

by juliana espinosa herrera

strategies that people use to protect their computer and personal information

the rules that people use to secure their accounts is key to having a secure our applications and social networks a difficult to guess also have the virus because it could damage our computers or desconfiguar why your maths and protects your computer from any threat

some security should know how to use to keep their computer safe and protect their personal information

You can block people you do not know well about changing your password for a safer and that might hack your account, or leakage antivirus, back up your files. one thing you put on the Internet will ever be there for a long time,your personal information should be visible to everybody

what do they mean by the internet is forever

I think if the Internet continues so later in the future will be a society where if we do not use the internet ocon seguiridad can away from the society in which we live and make friends with people who do not know and can ill terminal so for a fururo best used the Internet with care
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how you handle hacking intelligently

when we have a secure key, when we do not protect our computers with antivirus ensure all our networks with a secure key difficult to guess

how can you make a strong passoword

to make a strong password is not always use the same password is 123456 and cut as being in constant change password and combine letters it difficult to hack